2022 Men's Fall Tennis League

Starts: 09/08/2022
Every Thursdays (Additional Tuesday Match Night for 4th, 5th, 9th and 10th Match Week)
Teams: 8
Age: 19
Fee: 500.00 per Team

2022 Fall Season Diva League

Starts: 09/09/2022
Every Fridays
6:30 pm
Teams: 5
Age: 19
Fee: 500.00 per Team

  1. In order to join the League, player must be a valid GNTF member. The player needs to accept that they will be assessed an annual fee as set by GNTF for the membership.
  2. As a valid GNTF member, player will be able to join a league and select which team to play with. Upon acceptance by the specific Captain, the player will be placed in the team roster.
  3. However, although a player is in the team roster, in order to be placed on the weekly game line-up, the player league fee must be paid to GNTF in advance.

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