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Roger Edson
January 11, 2017 05:54 pm

I've talked until I'm blue in the face with both Enil Salundanan (sp) the acting Hilton Recreation manager and Mr  Yusuke Shinozaki (William) about access to Court 4 through Court 3.  He 'said' there have been 'complaints' that the moss on the court makes it too slippery to 'walk' through, so their legal staff suggested they shut off access to this court (I thought it was just to keep people from playing on the court because of the cracks/bumps).

1. HIlton already charges a family membership of $1350 for tennis (with no 'corporate discounts') increase in charge with one (1) less court 4 versus 5!

2. Access to Court 4 via the sidewalk around the courts is not 'user friend':

a- Just as slippery walking on the sidewalk

b. Much further to go back and forth from the club house...or the parking lot

c. Further to go if you knock a ball into the court from court 1

d. Access to Court 3 is still possible via Court what is the point? 

3. PLEASE everyone email Mr Shinosaki with your concerns...if you are or were a member and tell him what you think.

4. I don't feel like they give us much value as a membership group...and this is NOT Community 'friendly'